Using the Right Running Gear

Sometimes you might be tempted to ask “why all the emphasis on gear? Can’t I put just put on a tee, a pair of shorts, and shoes and be done with it?” On the surface, an insistence on proper running gear might seem a tad ridiculous and somewhat of an overkill. However, proper running gear is necessary to achieve a satisfactory running experience (which has more of an effect on whether you’ll run again than you’d care to admit), and yes, to minimize risk of injury. Wearing apparel made of certain materials can cause quite a lot of discomfort and negatively affect your running experience and performance. Wearing wrong shoes can hasten your acquaintance with crutches by a few decades, so you might want to watch what you wear.


The first rule to deciding what kind of grasser007 clothes to wear is the material it comprises of. Wearing cotton clothes can make for an absolutely rotten running experience. Your skin is likely to chafe, and your body temperature is likely to be shot. When cotton gets wet, it stays wet. If you’re running in very cold weather, you’re likely to develop hypothermia. The right running clothes will keep you dry and chafe-free while you train. Recommended running shirts are usually made of polyester fibre and coconut fibre-infused fabrics which are effective in wicking away sweat and providing desired comfort.

Sports Bra

If you’re a woman, there’s a lot of wisdom in investing in sports bras. Sports bras are designed to maximize comfort, reinforce support, ease of movement, and shock absorption. Sports bras are made of breathable material and seamless cups to prevent chafing.

Compression clothing

Bringing another criterion for running clothing might seem like the ultimate overkill to the casual observer. It cannot be further from the truth. Since performance enhancing is a major consideration when picking out running clothing, the subject of compression clothing is unavoidable. One of the benefits of compression gear is a direct benefit to performance by enhancing aerobic threshold. Compression gear are touted as an important recovery tool for athletes via the graduated compression in the calves which help facilitate blood flow to the muscles, helping recovery from harder runs. Research demonstrates that waist-to-ankle compression garments enhances the active recovery process after high-intensity running.

Running shoes

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing running gear, proper running shoes are an indispensible gear for any serious athlete. In addition to providing comfort and improving performance, proper running shoes could be the difference between staying healthy and having another date with your physician (not the cute one). So, yes those old tennis shoes should probably remain at the bottom of your closet. Proper running shoes are designed to provide stability, balance, lots of protection to your sole, feet and ankles, offer stability, comfort, are less likely to give blisters, and offer protection from injuries.

In all, it is important to factor in your scale of preference when choosing your running gear. Different brands of running gear offer varied functionalities. What works for another person may not work for you.

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