Training Ahead of A Race: What You Should Know

If you have a big race coming up, you’ll want to make sure you are game-ready on time. If you are feeling a little out of shape, you can start by working out some of the excess weight.

As much as people like to share their fast race times, one of the major improvements of any trainee is their physical transformation. To win a race, you must be fit, and being fit means being in shape.

It’s an amazing feeling when you can shed some weight, get healthier, and keep up with your kids. More importantly is being able to live a happy healthy life simply because you decided to practise for a race.

Some runners take up training to win a race, while others do so to keep fit. Here are some tips to get you in running physique.

  1. Change Your Pace

In order to burn some calories, commit yourself to going the extra mile- increase your pace. When you take up exercising, your body finds a ways to adapt. For instance, when you first begin to train, running three or four miles may seem daunting, but with time your body gets used to the change in heart rate, breathing levels, blood circulation, and strain.

As for weight loss, your body starts burning fuel in the form of calories. So, when you first begin to train, focus on beating your regular pace and you’ll notice improvements.

  1. Tempo Runs

Tempo run refers to going faster than your usual pace. Some people call it ‘comfortably fast’. Tempo runs can be used to make lactic acid accumulate in your blood stream so your body can get used to it. Your lactate threshold is your tolerance for lactic acid in the muscles. As it builds up, it causes muscle failure. When training, the higher your lactate threshold, the better your fatigue endurance.

  1. Pre-run Strides

Every week, strive for at least two or three strides. These are pickup exercises you do after your work out sessions. Ensure that they are done at a faster pace, although not immediately, while concentrating on your strong form. Do at least 4 sets of 10 to 15 second strides.

  1. Fartlek Runs

Fartlek is Swedish for ‘speed play’. Fartleks are popular among runners. A fartlek is when you suddenly change pace and period of intensity during a run. It serves to surprise your body so it struggles to adapt. With time, your body will get better at handling sudden variations.

  1. Track Work Outs

Taking your exercises to the track can improve your leg endurance and total speed. Speed exercises on a track can also stimulate various energy streams in your system, helping it to switch into fat burning mode more efficiently. Ensure that you finish your warm-ups and cool-down on track exercise days.

As an added workout tip, attempt running up hills if you live in a hilly area. Otherwise, jogging up and down a wide range of stairs can suffice. Once you maintain a steady routine, you’ll find that your not just ready for the race, but in top shape.

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