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Obstacles to Greatness: Running Injuries

If we were to believe in utopia, all that would be involved in running would be determination, motivation, opportunity, and consistency. Aches and pains would be far removed from our bubble. Unfortunately, reality dictates that every now and then we move gingerly, favouring a toe, an ankle, a calf or a knee. Yes, injury. Injuries...
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Injuries Common to Runners

Most injuries that sprinters experience occur because of a drastic change in routine exercise, more intense work, overuse of the body, wrong training kits and lack of rest. Sometimes it is not the case of a full blown injury but could swing between extreme pain and a dull ache that shows up at intervals. Some...
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Avoid These Common Running Injuries When You Train

Training too hard can lead to injuries- especially if you have no check system in place. The way you run also plays a role in your fitness. Fortunately, you can maintain a daily thorough routine and not put your physical form at risk. Here are some common injuries and how to treat/prevent them.
  1. Runner’s knee

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