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Why You Need to Buy a Good Pair of Running Shoes

 If you are preparing for a running competition, you’ll know it’s important to invest in a good pair of trainers. Besides, providing protection from sharp objects on the ground, the provide support and cushioning to your feet. The best running shoes are those that are fitting and comfortable throughout the day; whether you are running or...
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Obstacles to Greatness: Running Injuries

If we were to believe in utopia, all that would be involved in running would be determination, motivation, opportunity, and consistency. Aches and pains would be far removed from our bubble. Unfortunately, reality dictates that every now and then we move gingerly, favouring a toe, an ankle, a calf or a knee. Yes, injury. Injuries...
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Top 10 Awesome Running Shoes for Men 2016

Whatever your reason for running, be it for fun, exercise, stress relief, socialise, achieve a goal or just because you can, having an amazing running shoe makes it more pleasurable and reduces the risk of injuries. Here we have put together a top 10 list of awesome running shoes for men.
  1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus...

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Using the Right Running Gear

Sometimes you might be tempted to ask “why all the emphasis on gear? Can’t I put just put on a tee, a pair of shorts, and shoes and be done with it?” On the surface, an insistence on proper running gear might seem a tad ridiculous and somewhat of an overkill. However, proper running gear...
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Injuries Common to Runners

Most injuries that sprinters experience occur because of a drastic change in routine exercise, more intense work, overuse of the body, wrong training kits and lack of rest. Sometimes it is not the case of a full blown injury but could swing between extreme pain and a dull ache that shows up at intervals. Some...
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Avoid These Common Running Injuries When You Train

Training too hard can lead to injuries- especially if you have no check system in place. The way you run also plays a role in your fitness. Fortunately, you can maintain a daily thorough routine and not put your physical form at risk. Here are some common injuries and how to treat/prevent them.
  1. Runner’s knee

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The Edinburgh Marathon Festival Returns for its 15th Year

Have you had a slow start to the new year? Well, you are in luck, dust your running shoes- or get a new pair- as the Edinburgh running marathon is open for entries this year. The charity event which takes place on the 27th - 28th May 2017 is an opportunity to get your competitive spirit...
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Training Ahead of A Race: What You Should Know

If you have a big race coming up, you’ll want to make sure you are game-ready on time. If you are feeling a little out of shape, you can start by working out some of the excess weight. As much as people like to share their fast race times, one of the major improvements of any...
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What You Need to Know Before Buying Your Running Shoes

 If you are a runner with a running routine, you’ll know buying running shoes are a big deal. You don’t just walk into your local department store and part with money. Your purchase process should be a bit more systematic. You are after all, not an amateur runner. Notwithstanding, whether you only run when it suits...
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Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

A flat foot is the most visible sign of overpronation, meaning that your arch collapses during the impact on the ground. As a consequence, your ankle twists inward and your knees overcompensate. If you find that you are suffering from flat feet, don’t worry – you are not alone. It is a common problem, affecting...
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Top 4 Myths About Running Shoes

Most people will have you believe that the easiest part about running, is buying a new pair of running shoes. But they are wrong. There are so many alternatives, and with all the talk about gait analysis, minimalism, traction, prop-up, finding the right shoes can be a chore. Another major problem that gets in the...
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7 Running Gear That Most People Ignore

People have been participating in athletics since time immemorial, and its love is not ending anytime soon. Running has been known to attract masses ranging from short distances to long distance runners. For a commoner, all it takes for successful running is training, a good pair of shoes and the special outfight. People are...
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10 Workout Wardrobe Essentials

To every budding athlete or fitness expert out there, it isn’t news that your workout clothing plays a very important role in your exercise routines. It would be absolutely wrong to assume that wearing the right clothes is unnecessary.  The clothes you wear help to determine how effective the routine is and how to get...
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