7 Running Gear That Most People Ignore

People have been participating in athletics since time immemorial, and its love is not ending anytime soon. Running has been known to attract masses ranging from short distances to long distance runners. For a commoner, all it takes for successful running is training, a good pair of shoes and the special outfight. People are now focusing on the comfort while on the running track. The following are essential items that many people ignore during long races.

  1. Headbands

This apparel appears to be a fashion item according to many people. The headband absorbs sweat when the athletes are running. Dripping sweat from the forehead or scalp can be a distraction when it enters the eyes. The styles and materials differ from one manufacturer to the other.

Woman wearing tracksuit with headband on track

Some people are colour conscious and always select headbands that coordinate with their outfit.

  1. Underwear

Most people go wrong when selecting the right underwear when running. Men should wear athletic underwear that allows enough aeration and minimum friction. Women find it hard selecting the right outfit. A sports bra are a must pick for ladies because they are known to be comfortable. A thong is not recommendable because it allows easy movement of sweat and bacteria which can cause the urinary infection. The ideal underwear should have a breathable material that offers extensive coverage and maximum sweat absorption.

  1. Sun Protection

Running on a sunny day can be torturous for those with sensitive skins. A good pair of sunglasses is a must have for maximum protection. The sunglasses should be lightweight, durable and stylish.

Runners wearing sunscreen and sunshades

Sunscreen lotion has a lot of advantages, and it is worth applying if you shall be out in the sun for more than one hour.

  1. Wristband

Also known as arm guard, wristbands function the same way as headbands. Their material is elastic and easily absorbs sweat when running. One can choose to wear one or a pair depending on taste and preference. The ideal wristbands should be lightweight and breathable to avoid distractions during the exercise.

  1. Socks

You should ensure you have the correct pair of socks before hitting the road. The material should allow enough aeration and be stretchy. Such socks should be thick to absorb moisture and odor from the foot. Modern makes can absorb shock and cushion the feet from rough patches. Experts recommend different variations depending on the season of the year.

  1. Tracking Device

You can never go wrong with a time tracker to work on your speed. You need a tool that shows the distance and timing. You can pair the gadget with a wristband or select a version that doubles as an armband and a tracker. You also need a heartbeat monitor for health purposes.

  1. Hydration Belt

Long distance can be a hydrating exercise which requires proper preparation. It is worth carrying water that can last you for the entire distance. The belt should be light and adjustable.

Most runners overlook these items because they do not understand their importance. Proper selection of the running gear can protect you from injuries and make the race memorable.




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