10 Workout Wardrobe Essentials

To every budding athlete or fitness expert out there, it isn’t news that your workout clothing plays a very important role in your exercise routines. It would be absolutely wrong to assume that wearing the right clothes is unnecessary.  The clothes you wear help to determine how effective the routine is and how to get the best results. Below is a list of things to look out for on your next shopping spree.

1.  Comfortable T-Shirts

When working out, you need to feel as comfortable as possible especially when you start getting sweaty. Some athletic shirts are made of material which keeps your body cool as you work out. Get a few of these in your wardrobe for your next workout.

2.  Leggings

Leggings provide a lot of flexibility and comfort during workout sessions, especially for stretches and routines where you have to move around often. Leggings are also great to go jogging or sprinting as they allow your legs more room to stretch to their full length.

3.  Shorts

In cases where you love to feel the rush of wind on your bare skin or you need even less of a hindrance for flexibility in movement, shorts come in very handy.

4.  Sports Bra

For ladies, you might need a bit extra support. Therefore it’s advised to have several sports bras you can use interchangeably.

Essential Sportwears

5.  Cap

This is great for a sunny day when you want to shield your skin or face from the sun’s glare. Face caps also come in handy in light showers to prevent your hair from getting wet.

6.  Tank Tops

Tank tops allow easy flexibility and movement. It also allows ventilation and reduces bad odour from sweat that isn’t allowed to dry.

7.  Head Bands

Head bands are helpful in keeping sweat and stray hair strands away from your face when working out. No one likes the feeling of sweat dripping into their eyes when in the middle of an activity so these would be very useful in your workout wardrobe.

8.  Socks

These can protect your feet and also improve your movement and agility. Socks also prevent your feet from feeling sweaty which could cause accidents from slipping. They also prevent blisters which could cause a lot of discomfort which could be avoided.

9.  Jackets

These are good for when the weather is a bit chilly but you’re determined to give your body the exercise it needs no matter what. They’re also a good way to cover up after the gym in case you can’t wear your workout clothes on the go.

10.  Shoes

You need several pairs of comfortable shoes during a workout. There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable pair of shoes which may cause blisters or foot ache.





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